Kampala, Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

Kampala is the only large metropolis in Uganda and one of the fastest growing cities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The city is continuing to strengthen compliance with the national 2015 Tobacco Control Act and ensure that all public spaces are smoke-free. With support from the Partnership, Kampala has also doubled down on its COVID-19 pandemic response.

Taking a data-based and equity-oriented approach, Kampala implemented a surveillance system to track COVID-19 incidence across its population and assess the susceptibility of local communities. This real-time data has helped city authorities channel resources to communities most at risk to COVID-19—and established a preparedness model for reducing the impact of future health emergencies.

Access to the vaccine opened a new avenue of response. A Partnership-supported communication campaign has taken to traditional and social media to promote vaccine availability and combat misinformation and vaccine hesitancy. Complementary support is helping the city operationalize its vaccination task forces, vaccination reporting and monitoring dashboard to track and follow-up with these target populations and ensure that they complete their full vaccination schedules.

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Data for equitable COVID-19 action: Kampala, Uganda

Recognizing the need to focus resources on those at risk of the greatest impact of COVID-19, authorities in Kampala sought to conduct a rapid assessment of community vulnerability. The resulting framework captures a community’s exposure rates and susceptibility to illness, resources and adaptive capacity, to guide decision-making and use of limited resources in the public health response—allowing for a targeted approach informed by data and oriented around equity.