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Food Policy

Supporting strong healthy food policies to address rising rates of NCDs and promote healthier food environments.

About our food policy work

As part of their work with the Partnership for Healthy Cities, urban centers are strengthening food policy measures through four intervention areas:

  • Tax sugary drinks: Adopt, implement and enforce effective taxation of sugary beverages.

  • Set nutrition standards for foods served and sold in public institutions: Adopt, implement and enforce nutrition standards in public settings (e.g. schools, hospitals, childcare sites).

  • Regulate food and drink marketing: Adopt, implement and enforce restrictions on marketing sugary drinks and/or unhealthy foods.

  • Create healthier restaurant environments: Adopt, implement and enforce food service policies (e.g. calorie labelling, sodium labelling, trans fat ban).

City activities


Becky Odoi, of Bite Back 2030, calls for action to ensure children in London have access to healthier food, at the Partnership for Healthy Cities Summit.


8 million NCD deaths linked to unhealthy diet globally each year.


Global prevalence of obesity nearly tripled between 1975 and 2016.

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The statement was published in line with the 20th Latin American Nutrition Congress.

Healthier Schools in Phnom Penh

The city has been working with the Partnership for Healthy Cities since 2017 to promote healthier food environments for kids.

Campaign: Córdoba chooses water

In April 2023, the city launched the new campaign, as part of its work with the Policy Accelerator.