Osaka, Nairobi and New York City join the Partnership!

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The Partnership for Healthy Cities is a prestigious global network of 73 cities committed to saving lives by preventing noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and injuries. With the majority of the world’s population now living in urban settings, cities are well positioned to transform the fight against NCDs and injuries by implementing policies to significantly reduce exposure to risk factors. The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the key role of public health leadership by cities, at the forefront of rapid response while working toward healthier, longer lives for all urban residents.

The Global Network in Action

The Global Network of Cities

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Abidjan Accra Addis Ababa Ahmedabad Amman Athens Bandung Bangkok Barcelona Bengaluru Birmingham Bogotá Boston Bucharest Buenos Aires Cairo Cali Cape Town Casablanca Chicago Colombo Córdoba Dakar Dhaka Dublin Fortaleza Freetown Greater Manchester Guadalajara Hanoi Harare Helsinki Ho Chi Minh City Hong Kong Istanbul Jakarta Kampala Kathmandu Kigali Kuala Lumpur Kumasi Kyiv León Lima London Lusaka Medellín Melbourne Mexico City Montevideo Mumbai Muscat Nairobi New York Osaka Ouagadougou Paris Philadelphia Phnom Penh Quezon City Quito Rio De Janeiro San Francisco Santiago Santo Domingo Sāo Paulo Seoul Tokyo Toronto Tunis Vancouver Warsaw Yangon

Resources for Cities

Access a wealth of tools and resources to support NCD and injury prevention as well as your city’s COVID-19 response. Use the filters to tailor your search.

Urban Health in Pictures

Partnership-supported projects in action around the globe

"Through the Partnership for Healthy Cities, local leaders around the world have enacted key policies that are improving health and saving lives. These cities and their mayors are committed to implementing programs and policies that improve the health and safety of millions of people."

Michael R. Bloomberg